Whatever happened to Counter-Strike : Global Offensive in the EU?

Way back in August 2012, we vented our rage at the lack of Counter-Strike : Global Offensive for the PS3 in EU territories.  Now over 6 months later, still no word on a release date from either Sony or Valve.  The question now is, does anyone care?


Cast your mind back to August 2012, the 22nd August to be precise.  Whilst the Playstation 3 EU community had watched the rest of the world embrace the new Counter-Strike, we were waiting in high anticipation for a confirmed release on the EU PS Store.  Alas, this was not to be the case and whilst Sony did little to ease our fears, the weeks went by and still no sign.  The community responded with anger week after week, without any promise of a release date from Sony.  Until one day, we stopped.  We gave up asking, commenting on the PS Blog, posting in forums and making a fuss.  We lost our appetite and seemingly our enthusiasm.

Counter-Strike-Global-Offensive-2You see, this might not of happened if we got something back from Sony or Valve.  An apology regarding the delay and a potential release date would have been nice.  Damn, even if they had said it’ll arrive before Christmas, we would have been frustrated, but at least we would have something to hold onto (GTAV springs to mind).  A date in mind, to keep our PSN wallets topped up and ready to go.  It wasn’t to be and so we gave up.  November came, and Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 arrived.  Our money went into the annual shooter and all the CS:GO hype was all but a distant memory.

So we go back to the original question, does anyone care?  If the game turned up on the PS Store next week, would you still buy it?  I’ll put my house on it, many wouldn’t.  Now excuse me, I have a game of Domination to play…

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