How to create folders on Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII)

The latest Samsung mobile device, the Galaxy S3 comes with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) installed.  The Android 4.0 operating system introduced folders for mobile / cell phones and tablets without the need for any additional apps.  However, many ios users will point out that drag and drop to create a folder on Samsung’s Galaxy S3 phone isn’t possible. So the question is, how do you create folders on the Samsung Galaxy S3?  Follow this easy guide and watch the video to find out.

Creating folders in the application menu

1.  Tap the apps icon in the right hand corner to view all applications on the mobile phone
2.  Select the menu button and tap settings.  Choose edit and the screen will pan out.
3. Press and hold an app you wish to put into a folder
4.  Drag the app onto the folder icon on the bottom left hand corner
5.  A folder will be created and the app will automatically placed into that folder
6. To add additional apps into the new folder, simply drag and drop onto the folder whilst still in the ‘edit’ mode.  Or, open the folder and press the + button.  From here tick all of the apps you wish to add into the folder before selecting ‘done’.
7.  To change the name of the folder, simply open the folder and tap on ‘unnamed folder’ to alter the text.
8.  Finally, select ‘save’ in the top right hand corner to ensure all folder settings have been saved

Creating folders in the home screen(s)

1.  Select the menu button on the home screen and tap ‘create folder’
2.  Drag and drop any apps and games onto the folder
3.  Rename the folder as per point 7 above


1.  If still in the applications menu, select and hold an app and drag onto the ‘create folder’ icon on the bottom left of the screen.  This will place a folder on the home screen with the app already inside.

Check out the video below for a full demonstration :

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