Silverstone Sugo SG10 SFF PC Case Review

Silverstone Sugo SG10 Review

The Silverstone Sugo SG10 case is a small form factor PC case but with a surprisingly large capacity.  We are using this SFF case to build a new Haswell based PC, so check back for that video. The Silverstone Sugo SG10 SFF Case is available to buy from here (US)

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Case

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Case

Some time ago, we reviewed the Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover case and were suitably impressed.  What’s not to like about the simple, elegant design of the case, with the added bonus of decent front screen protection?  So with the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, we were … Continue reading

Whatever happened to Counter-Strike : Global Offensive in the EU?


Way back in August 2012, we vented our rage at the lack of Counter-Strike : Global Offensive for the PS3 in EU territories.  Now over 6 months later, still no word on a release date from either Sony or Valve.  The question now is, does anyone care? Cast your mind … Continue reading

Official Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover (Review)


In the past we have reviewed many Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases, ranging from flip-style covers, TPU and leather cases and everything in-between.   Until now however, we have not tested out the Samsung Galaxy S3 Official Flip Cover.  Immediately we see that this case is different.  It’s different in that it … Continue reading

Luminous Amazon Kindle Case with light (review)


Anyone with an Amazon Kindle will tell you they are great for reading books, newspapers, magazines and even in direct sunlight.  However, one of the shortcomings of e-ink is the lack of a light-source for those all important bed-time reading sessions.  Of course Amazon have rectified this with a newer … Continue reading

Braven 600 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Braven 600 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Braven 600 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review 2x custom HD audio drivers provide stereo audio amplified by left and right channel passive sub woofers. A 6w total output speaker (3w per channel) will enable your media to fill the room with engaging audio. Can be used wirelessly with any bluetooth device … Continue reading